Volunteer Committees

Halifax North West Trails Association has a number of different volunteer committees that you can take part in. We are always looking for new volunteers, so look through and see if anything catches your eye!

Maintenance Committee

Members of the maintenance committee are called upon to work on various repairs and maintenance projects. The chair of the maintenance committee is responsible for presenting important repairs/maintenance to the board and suggesting which issues must be addressed. The chair is responsible for purchasing the required tools and supplies needed for repairs, preparing a HNWTA Board approved maintenance budget (template as per HRTA regulations) each year in coordination with the treasurer, monitoring ongoing maintenance expenses, and collaborating with the Events Committee to form work parties to complete repairs

Events Committee

The events committee is responsible for brainstorming ideas and sponsoring regular events such as guided hikes, trail clean up, snowshoeing, Nordic poles walks, and other community gatherings. They will organize these events and work in collaboration with the Communication Committee to ensure information is shared with HNWTA members and the community at large, and may need to act as a contact person for an event (not necessarily the event leader). The committee strives to work in partnership with other community organizations to promote hiking and walking in the community.

Communications Committee

The communications committee is responsible for ensuring sustained communications with members, making sure they are involved in the organization, and that they know what events are taking place. The committee will also reach out to the community at large making it aware of these events. They will maintain the website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and email. This also includes maps and brochures and posting events at HNWTA kiosk and/or public libraries. They will collaborate with the other committees to ensure appropriate information is shared with HNWTA members.

Trail Monitors

Trail monitors are responsible for monitoring the condition of trails within our jurisdiction. They will replenish doggy bags at appropriate trails, perform minor maintenance (moving small brush from trails), and contact the appropriate channels for larger repairs/maintenance. Trail monitors are required to attend an initial training session and will be given trail monitor badges to use while monitoring.

Hike Leaders

Hike Leaders must be familiar with the trail (assets of trail, points of interest for interpretation) and check the route beforehand in the event of maintenance issues. They may be responsible for registration of event, or will work in conjunction with the Events or Communications Committee, and must inform the contact person/hike members as soon as a cancellation occurs (if required). At the hiking event, the Hike Leader will welcome walkers/hikers, circulate the waiver form, assign a “sweep” who will stay at the back to make sure all participants are safe, encourage membership in HNWTA, and carry a bag for possible garbage items. This role is as much about encouraging hiking in the community as it is about teaching proper trail etiquette and respect for community trails.