Cabin Lake Trail


42 Starboard Dr. GPS N 44° 41.829'  W 063° 40.037'  Alternative entrance at Transom Dr.

Terrain and Surface:
This 2.5-km crusher dust trail has some steep slopes and no winter maintenance.

Parking/Bus Route:
Parking on Starboard Dr. or Transom Dr.; Bus route 81, 90

This trail rated  Easy Moderate.

This family-friendly woodland trail behind the residential area in Royale Hemlocks features a small lake. It is located behind single family homes to the north, and the trees and shrubs on the south side of the trail; providing access to nature close to a suburban area. There are neighborhood access walkways to and from the residential areas off the main trail. Although there are no connecting trails, this green area is part of Hemlock Ravine Park. It is representative of the habitat in the nearby wooded area and what used to be here prior to development.

Depending on what season you are visiting the trail, you will enjoy the bounty of nature - wild flowers in spring, and raspberries, blueberries or blackberries in summer. Bird song is everywhere and the butterflies and dragonflies are enjoying this special place. The trail grade is steep in places but a couple of benches will provide a rest stop. The small lake at the top of the trail is named Cabin Lake, the old log cabin the lake is named for is no longer standing. A interpretive panel  helps with the local cultural and natural history.