Mainland North Trail

Parkland Dr.  GPS N 44° 40.811'  W 063° 40.690' Main Ave, Many along the trail connecting to the community

Terrain and Surface:
This 4.5 km crusher dust trail with several gradual slopes is winter-maintained.

Parking/Bus Route:
Parking nearby, handicapped parking at the top of Westridge Dr.; Bus routes: 30 on Parkland Drive, 2 on Dunbrack Street at Main Avenue.

This trail rated  Fairly Easy.


This power line corridor or linear Park owned by Halifax is a popular walking and running route and is an Active Transportation route with greenway and natural buffers. There are many side pathways and green spaces along the trail.  It connects to the Mainland Common where you will find the Canada Games Centre, Keshen Goodman Library, and Halifax West High School. Approach cross streets with caution. The connecting walkways make the trail a true Active Transport route for the many neighborhoods in Mainland North.

This trail runs parallel to Dunbrack Street and can be accessed at many intersections or walkways. One entrance Trail head is located at 791 Parkland Drive. There is access to a Dogs Off Leash Park at the Mainland Common. The trail passes through Clayton Park West and has its last entrance on Washmill Lake Drive at the intersection with Dunbrack Street in Mount Royale. A new connection to Mary Clayton Memorial Park was built last year, along with handicap parking spots and a more visible entrance/crossing at Westridge Dr.

HNWTA is currently working with Halifax staff to plan a future extension to link the Larry Uteck area along what is called the Waterline Trail along highway 102. Eventually, we would like to extend the MNT in the opposite direction and connect it to the Chain of Lakes trail.