About Us

The Halifax North West Trails Association (HNWTA) is one of many volunteer community trail groups in HRM. Our area includes Fairview, Clayton Park, Rockingham and Bedford South, as well as the Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area.  Our trails offer the casual urban walker or the experienced wilderness hiker a variety of outdoor experiences. Many of the trails pass through historic areas connected with the development of Halifax since 1749 and pass near brooks, wetlands, and woodlands where flora and fauna abound.

Trails Connect Neighbourhoods. Walking is a beneficial activity that improves our physical, mental, and social health. The setting is never static, the costs are minimal, and age is no limitation. Children, youth, and their families can benefit from outdoor learning activities. With accumulated knowledge and the love of nature we can be better stewards of our environment. Our trails are a vibrant part of our multicultural communities. HNWTA invites you to be a part of the green force committed to leaving a legacy.


Our Mission Statement:

Halifax North West Trails Association is a volunteer-based not-for-profit association that serves all ages.  We

  • organize and deliver quality, safe outdoor trail experiences and events
  • provide regular stewardship and maintenance of current trails
  • advocate for construction of new and preservation of existing trails and greenspaces

Our goal is to instill respect for the natural environment and encourage everyone to enjoy the benefits of being in nature.