Seton Ridge in Rockingham is a planned community on the site of the former Sisters of Charity Motherhouse (beside Mount Saint Vincent University). Construction has not yet started but 2400 units including single family homes, town houses, and multiple unit buildings (6-16 stories) will house a new community surrounding a central commercial core! Public consultation has been ongoing for over 5 years.

Seton Road from the Bedford Highway through to Lacewood will be the main access with a paved trail adjacent and proposed Transit service. Walkways and existing pathways will connect to adjacent neighbourhoods. Parks and green spaces will follow. Loss of the mature tree cover has been a local community concern, including the traditional crow roost. The small pond at the NW corner of the area will be partially accessible to the public but surrounded by new homes on 3 sides! Let's make sure that developers understand what the community wants from this build, and that the ecological impact is minimal.