Halifax North West Trails Association iNaturalist Project

We are interested in citizen science and what you can discover on our trails! iNaturalist is a great community platform for discovering species right in your own backyard! If you don't know what that bug or flower is, take a picture of it and upload it in the iNaturalist app on your smartphone (you can also do this through your internet browser on your computer). iNaturalist and the community experts will help you identify it. Impress your firends the next time you see that critter by identifying it (and maybe tell them a little bit about it!). You can sign up for iNaturalist here, and get the app on your smartphone to start learning about the amazing plants, animals, and insects on our trails and everywhere!

Halifax North West Trails is a Project, so follow it and add your name as an Observer! Let's see how many different species of plants, animals, and insects we can find in Halifax North West!