Birch Cove Lakes Canoe Trail

N 44° 39.936’  W 063° 40.584’

Terrain and Surface:
Rough trail walk in - 10 minutes, park safely along Highway 102 avoiding the No Parking signs.

Also, trail to Flagpole Hill - use upper parking lot at Kent in Bayers Lake

This trail rated  Moderate Plus.

Generations of Halifax residents have used these pristine lakes for active recreation including an 8-lake canoe route with portages. Now partially preserved as a Wilderness Area, new access points with more trails will be built once the Regional Park is established.

The Birch Cove Lakes Trail is located in the Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lake Wilderness area. Though HNWTA does not steward this trail, we have been supporting the creation of a regional park in this area. Show your support for this park by becoming a member of the Friends of Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Society at