HNWTA Walking groups!

Halifax North West Trails Association is inviting you to come out for a weekly 30-minute walk on level ground. We are offering a weekly walking group and reaching out especially to those who do not usually go for a walk. We will provide a leader and an accessible, short walking route.  Wear appropriate footwear and bring water. Canes, walking poles and mobility walkers are welcome. 

On Tuesdays, meet at Mainland Common Park (Parking lot at the top of Westridge drive), at 1:30 pm. We will walk the Mainland Common Loop.

More information on the trail is available here
To register, please complete the form through NS Walks and type in HNWTA Walks when you complete the form (ex. Alyssa (HNWTA walks please!)) since there isn't a space to specifically select our walking groups. Send us an email (hnwta.communications@gmail.com) if you have any questions!